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Air Duct Cleaning & Your Health

In recent years, air duct cleaning has become a very lucrative business.There are many reasons for this, but mainly it is because people are beginning to understand the direct health benefits of living in an environment that has good air quality.It used to be that doctors couldn't prove that bad air quality had a direct affect on the health of an individual.Logically, it made sense - there was just no evidence to back up these claims.Luckily, with the increased ability to test air quality, as well test its effects it has on people and the surrounding environment, such claims can now be backed up with solid evidence.It has been found that clean air does lead to a healthier life; clean air does make your lungs more efficient; clean air does reduce the risk of long-term health risks; the list can go on and on.

ductsOver half of 'Sick Building Syndrome', a medical term that describes the consequence of living in a building with poor air quality, is almost always caused by pollutants in the ventilation system. This is one of the main reasons air duct cleaning has become so successful, because it adheres to these kinds of problems.The exact percentage of SBS caused by dirty air ducts is a number that hovers around 52%.This is a majority, but it is a small majority.This means that not all negative health concerns are caused by deficient air ducts.In other words, it is vital that you know what to look for before turning to air duct cleaning .Consider the following aspects air duct cleaning will look for:

·Is there mould growing on the hard surface of the ducts? Mould detection isn't as easy as you think. Many sections of your ventilation system may not be accessible for such an inspection. Here, it may prove beneficial to ask air duct cleaning to take a detailed look. Also, take a look at the conditions you live in. If you live in a wet environment, one that is vulnerable to mould growth, then you may want to think of changing that first before any cleaning.

Are animals living in your ducts? Air duct cleaning also offers rodent removal services. Often, rodents or insects will take up residence in a ventilation system. Unfortunately, this means they live here - which means they likely defecate there too. Using air duct cleaning may be the best way to get rid of these unwelcomed guests. Obviously, none of this is good for your air quality.

Dust is a killer: Without a doubt, the most common cause for the need of air duct cleaning is dust. Excessive amounts of dust can clog the air ducts and actually cause the ventilation system to spew out dust.

Sick Building Syndrome:

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is one of the newer terms created by doctors. What it essentially means is a combination of ailments which are nearly completed correlated with where an individual works. The causes of SBS can be narrowed down to flaws in heating and ventilation systems - known as HVAV for short. In other words, one of the leading causes of sick building syndrome is air ducts that are full of pollutants. If you think about it, we air duct cleaning does, it makes logical sense. If your air ducts are full of dust and debris then surely you are not receiving the best air quality and are suffering negatively because of it. Luckily, and air duct cleaning know this, there are some positives. One positive attribute of the creation of the term sick building syndrome is that by knowing the symptoms of the ailment, you can effectively conclude whether or not you need air duct cleaning . Consider the following symptoms:

Irritation of eyes, nose and throat

General health problems

Skin irritation

Hypersensitivity reactions

For the intent and purpose of air duct cleaning, residents know just how important it has become.Consider the fact that an allergy caused by deficient ventilation systems is impacting the health care systems by an estimated $18 billion each and every year.This is a startling big number, one that should make your eyes water with in surprise.This is because this number could - and should - be reduced drastically with the simple cleaning of the air ducts with air duct cleaning .

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

As the economy continues to stumble, as gas prices continue to raise, the importance of maintaining an affordable energy bill has never been more important. It is vital that heating and cooling systems are run at their most efficient level. Why? Consider the following statistic: a dirty HVAC system utilizes 30% more energy than one that is clean. More energy translates into more power which translates into higher costs. This is just one benefits of having your air ducts clean. For the purposes of air duct cleaning, residents know that the benefits extend much farther than that.

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